Why VisTal?


Calling us a headhunter won’t offend us; however we want you to understand we are so much more than that!


We all know that making hiring mistakes is not only expensive but frustrating for the business. Hiring mistakes are made as a result of numerous reasons yet one of the key factors is misaligning talents (not skill) but true soft skills and talents to the role being hired for. Skills are taught and are a tactical piece of the recruiting process, however it is not until we truly get to understand the soft skills and talent of a candidate do we know if they are a fit for your company.

We strive to thoroughly understand your business, specific positions and overall cultural environment. Our goal is to find you the talent that will not only work for the needs you have today but who can grow with the goals on the horizon. Don’t force fit a match based simply based on skill alone, you will miss the harmony that is achieved with high employee engagement and drive.


We are career advisors, coaches, and mentors to the professionals we work with. We are not interested in simply putting you in a job, we are passionate about aligning your talents and career aspirations to the company culture that best suits you. Let’s face it we all spend a majority of our hours each day at work therefore, working in the right environment is key to your overall success and engagement. We are excited to learn more about you and to simplify the often daunting task of finding a new adventure.